5 poses you can do on Yoga day for your own relax

International Yoga Day is a day to recognize yoga, which is celebrated worldwide on 21 June  every year.

1. Practice deep breathing Instead of just breathing in and out, you’ll be breathing longer which helps reduce heart rate and lower cortisol levels.

2. Try a strength pose  Strength poses can be  great therapy to reduce your daily stress

3. Try a balancing pose  Balancing poses can be great to help ground you It will help you stay focused and keep your mind off stress.

4. Ground yourself with the mountain pose  The mountain pose is an clean, beginner-friendly function to help ease your mind. This engages your middle and it’s proper to comprise deep respiration while doing it.

5. Practice light meditation This is where you go through your body, from head to toe, to determine where you feel tense. By focusing internally, we are able to prevent our minds from resisting external stressor