The Apple Pencil is exclusive to iPads; however, it might be compatible with Apple's Vision Pro headset in the future.

Usage of  the Apple Pencil with the Vision Pro's drawing apps, such Pixelmator and Freeform would be enable

Apple Pencil is used on a desk or other level surface, users can draw, and the drawing appears in the open visionOS app.

In April, new iPad Pro and iPad Air models are expected to be released, but it is unclear if the updated Apple Pencil will support visionOS.

Updated software would also be necessary for the Vision Pro to work with Apple Pencils, though it's unclear which version might include support for them.

Apple has tested a new Apple Pencil with compatibility for visionOS internally.

It is not guaranteed that Apple will release an Apple Pencil with support for visionOS,

At WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference, in June, the company is expected to unveil visionOS 2.