73 Million user  Data  leaked on Dark Web 

Addresses, social security numbers, and passcodes have been exposed on the dark web.

How do I know if I was affected ? 

Consumers affected by this  cybet attack should get an email or letter directly from AT&T.

It also contains information such as full names, email addresses, and dates of birth.

The company is one of the country's leading mobile and internet service providers.

The company said in a statement that it was unclear whether the data was obtained from its own systems or a third-party provider.

AT&T's wireless 5G network covers over 290 million people across the United States.

AT&T launched a robust investigation” with internal and external cybersecurity experts to investigate the situation 

The breached data appears to be from 2019 or before, and it includes 7.6 million users and 65.4 million former account holders.