Apple lag behind, now this  company has become number 1 in the world see full list

Apple no longer hold the crown of being the world most  valuable company in termm of market cap and markket value

The firm that snatched this tittle from apple is microsoft which is founded by bill gates and paul alien

If we lookk at the list of top 10 valuable companies of the world in the year 2024 , Microsoft is the first position with a market cap of $3.13 trillion

Apple is now at second position in this list after Microsoft and its market  value has come below Rs. 3 trillion. According to the report , Apple Mcap is 2.65 trillion dollar

NVidia has become the third most valuable companny in the world ad its market capitalization has reached $ 2.26 trillion

Saudui arabia Oil  is at fouth place with a market cap of $1.98 trillion and google's parent company Alphabet is at fifth place with a maret cap of  $ 1.89 trillion

jeff bezos Amazon is also include in the list of top 10 valuable companies and is at sixth posotio with an mcap of $187 trillion

Facebook parent company meta , led by mark zukerberg  is the seventh largest company with a market vale of $1.24 trillion

Veteran investor Waren buffets berkshire hathaway is at eight position with $912.89 billio and Eli Lilly is at ninth position with $739.66 billion

The 10 most valuable company in the world tailwan semiconductor manufaturing and its markrt cap is $705.69 billion