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Shifty Shellshock, ‘Crazy Town’ singer, dead at 49,

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Seth Binzer, known professionally as “Shifty Shellshock,” died at the age of 49 on Monday. 

Shellshock is part of the nu-metal/rap group Crazy Town, who had shot to fame in 2001 with the song “Butterfly” from their 1999 album “The Gift of Game”. 

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The singer was found in his home, but no cause of death has been released at this time. 


Shellshock has also had several brushes with the law, including being sentenced in 2012 to three years in prison for battery and possession of crack cocaine

In 2022, Shellshock was dating Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Fry. Months after they broke up, he was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. 

The singer had long struggled with substance abuse and appeared in reality shows