Tesla Cybertruck Foundation-series completed, may see European and Chinese markets

This was confirmed when Elon Musk said that the rise of the Cybertruck continues, and Tesla now makes more than 1,300 Cybertrucks a week.

Tesla has been sailing since the release of the Foundation-series Cybertruck, which came equipped with new options, .

Elon Musk has confirmed that next quarter Tesla will stop offering the Foundation series to pre-ordered customers and start offering regular Cybert trucks

In the United States, the AWD Dual Motor Cybertruck will qualify for the federal EV Tax Incentive, which could be the big step consumers need to get into their Cybertrucks.

Cybertruk is currently neither European nor China-compliant, due to edge rounding requirements in Europe, and other reasons in China

The Cybertruck is currently still awaiting testing and approval from Transport Canada, due to steer-by-wire regulatory issues, .