Tesla FSD v12.4.3 is Introduced  for  some customers

FSD v12.4.3 is only available to a small number of non-business customers who got the update this week 

A user who got v12.4.3 on Friday, shared more details about the new software 

He notes in particular that it has some flexibility and reliability, and that improvements have been made in important ways, although as expected, it is still far from perfect 

Tesla will likely roll out v12.4.3 instead of v12.4.2, after recent delays with the previous update, According to report

The rollout of the previous version was later halted, while it was confirmed that Tesla would start with v12.4.3. 

Elon Musk said last week that v12.4.2 has been delayed due to low interference 

There is still a small chance that V12.4.2 will appear as a new wave, but our hunch is that the focus is now on V12.4.3