Tesla Model Y loose their position in American Automobile Ranking

The Tesla Model Y once again tops the list of most cars built in America, but the electric carmaker missed out on a clean sweep of the top 4 cars.

Last year, Tesla took the top 4 of the list with Model Y, Model 3, Model X and Model S in that order.

The publication has released the 2024 list and Tesla holds the top position with Model Y and 3 cars in the top 10 list

The Model 3 did not make the top 10 this time around due to “changes in personnel and household furnishings and features”:

The Tesla Cybertruck didn't make the list either, which is interesting considering it's expected

Another interesting fact is that the only non-Tesla EV in the top 10 is rising VW ID.4. It was No. 6 last year and is No. 3 now.