Tesla next Full Self-Driving update offers ‘5 to 10x more miles per intervention’.

Elon Musk claims the (FSD) software update will provide “5 to 10x improvement in miles per miles”

Last week, Musk discussed Tesla’s plan for the following couple of FSD updates.

The first of those updates is v12.4, which then is coming as soon as this week, Musk said.

Now, the CEO says there’s a “limited external beta” coming out next week and claims “about a 5 to 10x improvement in miles per event

Tesla hasn’t released any data for its FSD program, and v12.3 is already seen as a major improvement to reduce driver intervention

A 5 to 10x  improvement would put the system in a whole other level.

Musk also clamed that  v12.5, which he sees coming in late June: