Toyota is Recalling  the U.S. over 145,000 vehicles on defective side airbags 

Toyota  recalling 145,254 vehicles in the U.S. , U.S. NHTS Administration said Wednesday. 

In the event of a crash, side airbags provide a helpful barrier to occupant movement. 

The NHTSA said the driver's side curtain airbag on some Toyota vehicles may not open as intended and could be partially deployed outside the open window. 

The recall includes the 2024 SUV and some hybrids like the Toyota Grand Highlander,and other .

Toyota said in a statement distributed Wednesday that the driver's side curtain airbag may not deploy properly "in certain accidents" if the driver's side window rolls down

Toyota said a fix is  currently being developed and customers will be notified of the issue in mid-August 2024.