Religious extremism at the heart of YouTuber Ruby Franke's child abuse case.Franke acknowledged abusing her kids.

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Jodi Hildebrandt and Ruby Franke both confessed to disturbed kid misuse and are in jail.

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As she learned her fate in court, 42-year-old Ruby Franke made tearful apologies. She had previously admitted to maltreating and starving her children.

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A Evidence of reports, recordings, photographs and sound accounts from the kid misuse examination concerning shamed family vlogger Ruby Franke

In court, Utah examiner Eric Clarke said that two of Franke's kids, matured nine and 11 at that point

According to police, her son just climbed out of a window and fled from a nearby residence while still wearing duct tape on his ankles.

The kids were routinely denied food, water, beds to snooze, and practically all types of amusement

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Franke told her children that they were "evil and possessed" and needed to "repent".

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